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EcchiBot is the best lewd bot on Discord.
The Discord LogoCappuccino, EcchiBot's mascot
EcchiBot supports all the sites you know and love. Danbooru, R34, deviantArt, Reddit...
EcchiBot has been here for a long time and is serving 120.000+ servers.
EcchiBot is still being worked on and continually being improved.
EcchiBot was written with performance and stability in mind. Minimal downtime.
About EcchiBot
EcchiBot was created in late 2018 to solve a pretty simple problem: all lewd bots at the time were complete garbage.
The reliable service and high uptime have allowed EcchiBot to grow and become one of the biggest Discord bots overall.
Fair premium-features, good featureset, performant.

EcchiBot doesn't try to be more than it should be: a good and fast bot that serves lewd images.
We hope you'll enjoy the product of our continued efforts. :)
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EcchiBot relies on donations to keep operating. Donators aren't subject to the usual ratelimits and get access to unlimited premium tokens. We would greatly appreciate your support. :)
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